“In spite of everything” award – The stories of the winners

These are the six associates of 2020 who stood out for their commitment and their achievements.

They teach us that we can win in any situation.

Here are their names: Fulvio Pisu, Elvira Curato, Gani Macoj, Laura Castiglione, Laura Morri, Pasquale d’Amore.

Read their stories here:



My name is Fulvio Pisu, I am 45 years old, I am married and I have two children who give me the positive energy I need every day to face life.

My career was primarily behind the bar counter where I lived every day and was passionate about the beauty of putting myself at the service of customers.

Two and a half years ago, however, I felt the need to change and, since then, I have been in  the long-term car rental business, finding wonderful stimuli in satisfying people’s desires for four wheels.

Shortly afterward the climb in 5-15 Global Energy also began, where, over time, I began to discover a prospect of an ambitious future and, above all, of freedom, which with constant commitment and with the help of the great team at 5- 15, will take me to color the dreams, which are drawn on my way.

I will do it with a lot of energy, but renewable!

5-15 forever!



My name is Elvira, Elvy for friends.

I am of Calabrian origin but since the age of one I have lived in Pisa, the city where I grew up with my family.

I’ve always been a very determined and ambitious girl since I was a child. I knew what I wanted and I always tried to get it by throwing myself head first without ever stopping to think even for a minute if it was the right or wrong thing to do.

I never believed in myself and in my abilities and only today I understand that this was the cause of my failures until I met, thanks to a friend, this fantastic project that 5-15 Global Energy created and in which I believed in right away.

I was looking for a second job, I was coming out of three really difficult and dark years, but despite everything I never gave up because I knew that I would find the solution to my problems by changing my life, so it was.

Thanks to this fantastic company I found a big and beautiful family made up of wonderful people who, without even knowing me and without knowing who I was, believed in me and allowed me to grow every day both professionally, reaching goals that are important to me. They helped make me understand who I really am, and how much I am worth. Above all, they taught me that we ourselves have the key to open all doors and make our dreams come true. So never let anyone tell you that you are not able to do something even for yourself, if you want something go and chase it!



My name is Gani Macoj. I am 27 years old, I am of Albanian origin but I grew up in Italy.

I am a former professional athlete from Thaiboxe and to sustain my career as an athlete I have always worked as an employee. I worked as a dishwasher, a gardener, a bricklayer, an assistant cook and lastly a waiter / bartender in a restaurant in Portofino.

I trained in very important gyms like that of the world champion brothers, the Petrosyan in Milan, the best gym in Italy for combat sports, if not in Europe.

I had the honor of fighting at PetrosyanMania3 and winning with my two idols on the corner: Giorgio and Armen Petrosyan. What I can tell you for sure is that I tried my best to dedicate myself 100% to my sport. I traded, I went around Italy looking for investors to launch a start-up with just an idea written on a piece of paper… Trust me, I tried them all because I always knew I deserved something more and that my life could not and should not have been like this forever! 

I was fired from my job 1 and a half years ago, and I began my journey with 5-15 Global Energy, with great satisfaction.

Now, thanks to the many sacrifices and hard work done in the last 3 years, I have managed to change my life. I currently have the highest qualification in Italy given to 5-15 Global Energy associates, and I have a rapidly growing sales network throughout Italy with over 6000 members.

P.S: 2020 was a particularly tough year for everyone, but I never complained and I focused, together with my team, on work and my goals. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, 2020 has doubled, if not tripled, my turnover in 5-15. I think this is only the beginning, because what will happen in 2021 with 5-15 Global Energy will really be something overwhelming.



The year that just ended was not easy. Due to the pandemic, I lost my job as a promoter. I found myself running a business in the food sector and when in March 2020 a friend offered me the 5-15 Global Energy opportunity, I was not mentally ready to evaluate it.

A few months later they brought it back to me and, thanks to the experiences previously had in similar areas, I decided to take a look at it and the next step was to take it seriously.

Together with my sponsor Alessio Verdiani, whom I sincerely thank, I am committed, informed and trained by the leaders of the company: Andrea, Gani and Luigi. It was they who worked constantly, giving me advice and, again thanks to them and a great commitment and determination, in November my efforts began to take shape and I reached the Megawatt qualification.

I know I’m at the beginning, but my short-term goal is very close. I’m putting in the time and working hard to build that long term.

My motto is: “if you want to have what you never had, you must do what you never did”.



I’m Laura Morri, Vittoria’s mother and freelancer. I am an experienced professional with 20 years in the construction sector. My passion is energy saving and creating renewable sources, and this is how I met 5-15 and  fell in love with them.

For me 5-15 is not just a network marketing platform, but a quality of life. In these two years I have been able to build a team, meet professionals and improve my skills and abilities. I have helped dozens and dozens of people to work to build a better future, a future made of dreams and ambitions, persistence and tenacity, hard work and of rewards.

My motto: there is no easy way, there is a way that crosses all obstacles to reach the summit and this is the direction I am going.



At the Pasquale D’Amore registry office, everyone knows me as Paky.

Born in 1980 in Switzerland, to simple and humble parents, I always wanted to excel as a kid and this pushed me to become an athlete and to join the school athletics team. I have won many races but alas, at 16, just at the moment when a big dream was about to come true, I broke my leg and said goodbye to my athletic career.

After graduating, I was called to arms. Immediately after, like everyone else, I looked around for work and found it in a company.

Here, too, my competitive and athletic spirit did not stand aside: in the company I climbed a few steps to become what is currently the sector manager.

Soon after, my second love arrived, bodybuilding. I got so passionate about it that I wanted to compete, after only a few years, in renowned amateur matches. It goes without saying that there too I never gave up, to the point that I won several regional, national and European titles. When I was only 28, I got back to books to get the certification of what would later become my second activity:  Personal Trainer.

Chapter 5-15 came suddenly a few years ago. In fact, I had tried different businesses and as many networks, but with 5-15 it was love at first sight. Not only does it allow me a stable income but I finally have the opportunity to learn the meaning of being a leader, and that is to lead by example and, more importantly, to help others do better than me.

2020 was certainly an indelible year for the whole world but, as far as I’m concerned, it gave me two great joys: that of knowing 5-15 and that of meeting special people, brothers and sisters. Together we will cement the future of this extraordinary company, which is not necessarily better than others, but is united by passion and heart.

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