Your financial freedom and passive income

“The richest people in the world try to build networks while everyone else is looking for a job”.

Robert Kiyosaki

In this article, we talk about wealth, work and economic independence.

All interesting things right?

Let’s start from the beginning.

If you’ve never read Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I advise you to do so.  He is a mentor for all people who seek financial freedom, or seek to learn more about how money and wealth work.

Unfortunately, money doesn’t have a good reputation.

In this article, we talk about money in a neutral way, as an object that helps you improve your lifestyle, live more peacefully and not have a heart attack when the dentist presents you with the bill.

That’s all.



The big subdivision you need to know is active income and passive income.

A person works and produces something and exchanges it for real money?

I make a pizza, sell it and they give me money for it.

If I get sick tomorrow and I don’t make pizzas, I don’t get money.

Unfortunately, this is the harsh law of work.

But let’s take a closer look at it.

You might have noticed that there are economic incomes that do not depend on “your work”.

The classic example is having a house that you have put up for rent.

Every month you get money for that house, even if you’re sick, even if you’re on the beach, even if you’re watching Netflix all day.

True or not?

Financial freedom is built on this type of income and I’ll tell you why right away.

If you do a linear job, that is, you trade your time for money, you will find that the hours of your day are not infinite.

So your earning power is not unlimited.

The step towards financial freedom is the creation of passive income, that income that you receive that is disconnected from your time.

But how is passive income created?

Try to think of the aforementioned rent, or trading, or royalties.

Paul McCartney continues to receive the copyright for the Beatles song “Yesterday” even though he wrote it 55 years ago.

Another example, if you write a book and in the years to come it continues to sell you continue to earn right?


I specify that the construction of a passive income is a job that can sometimes be even harder than “normal work”, but it has the advantage that it generates income unrelated to your time.

Now, let’s talk about us and what we can do for you.



Those who deal with financial freedom almost always also have a network marketing activity.

And do you know why?

Because network marketing falls under passive income.

If you build a network of 5,000 people and don’t work for a week, do you still make money or not?

A nice way to understand if this is active or passive income is thinking of it like this:

Do you earn money even when you sleep?

The real rich also earn when they sleep, when they are on vacation, and when they watch TV. A pizza chef does not.

Unfortunately, those who work earn only 8 hours a day.

This is why network marketing is strategic in the life of those who want to create financial freedom.

Now the sentence of Robert Kiyosaki that we quoted at the beginning will be clearer to you.

“The richest people in the world try to build networks; everyone else is looking for a job. “

Now, regardless of all this, if you don’t love your job, you won’t go far.

Networking and passive income are not for the lazy, and if you don’t love your job and don’t really believe you can help others, you don’t need all of this.

The truth is that Robert Kiyosaki has achieved his financial freedom over the age of 45, and after years of hard work.



Now we come to a particular aspect of passive annuities.

All passive annuity systems can be viewed with distrust.

Bags look like a mysterious swing of lines.

Those who rent houses appear to be capitalists.

Networkers are often seen in a bad light.

But let me tell you.

The people who criticize the most are usually poor.

Watch haters online.

None of them are rich or successful.

The path to building your passive income and financial freedom is through your ability to build a team and commit to 5-15 Global Energy.

Many Associates today are increasing their freedom and are building their networks day after day and that makes them money both day and night.



In a time like this, nothing is more valuable than being financially free.

If you want to learn more, I recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which is a classic in this industry.

It is a book that everyone should read.

Money is not a bad thing. We need it every day to do the shopping, to pay for school for our children, and to put fuel in the car.

Making money is not that difficult in this historical period, we are not in the 19th century.

The world is full of opportunities.

But if you look closely, there are few opportunities like 5-15 Global Energy that not only allow you to create your own passive income but are also good for the planet.

5-15 in fact aims to spread green energy throughout Italy.

We want a clean and healthy world.

And to do this, our Associates are creating networks of people who switch to the green energy solution that 5-15 Global Energy provides.

We are creating a new world.

You are creating your own new life.

Whatever you are doing in 5-15, go for it.

Your life could change, you could become financially free, you could really contribute to a better world.

If you follow the next articles we will help you more and more in this path.

5-15 Global Energy is with you.

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